Lead in your water

Lead in the water in Flint, Michigan is all over the news. People are being poisoned, and it’s been going on for years. Children’s health is being irreparably damaged. But it can’t happen in YOUR neighborhood, right? You trust your city’s water- after all they test it and wouldn’t let you drink water with lead and

Drinking Enough Water

So many health “experts” tell us that we’re not drinking “enough” water. They say we’re walking around in a state of perpetual dehydration. Not having enough water can cause all sorts of terrible problems in your body. OMG- Isn’t it amazing that our bodies can get sick unless some guru has explained to us that

Get rid of plastics

We are surrounded by plastic. Plastic never biodegrades; it photo-degrades by drying up and breaking into pieces, which progressively get smaller and smaller in time. It becomes small enough for animals to mistake the plastic for food. They eat it and can’t digest it, and it eventually clogs their gut and kills them. In the oceans, we now have at