What we don’t see anymore

The theme that I'm on lately is noticing the world with new eyes. As I've said in a past posting, I've become hypersensitized to plastic. So, now I'm taking my camera out with me on walks, in the car (I know I should be riding my bike - but it's over 100º in Tucson now!!) and wherever I go. The bags are blowing in the wind, caught in the trees, in the storm drains. But, you know what else is there: cigarette butts & soda, beer cans & fast food containers. Why is it that people who smoke … [Read more...]

Creative Toys for the Holidays

I was in one of the local stores last week, and would you believe they already have Christmas trees up?? It was September! So, I thought that since people are already being exposed to "holiday think", maybe now would be a good time to remind people about our Kid's Kit to Save the Planet from Plastic Bags. Actually, there are more and more articles coming out daily about the effects of phthalates (an additive in plastic which has been banned in Europe) on our health. … [Read more...]

Hemp, the wonder plant

It has been illegal to grow hemp in the US for 56 years.  It was unjustly banned.Hemp is truly a wonder plant that could provide hundreds of sustainable solutions for food, paper, fuel, and manufactured goods. In fact, the first draft of the Declaration of Independence, was written on hemp. America's first currency was printed on hemp! Industrial Hemp is not a psycho-active plant (it doesn't get you high). It's benefits are legion: One acre of hemp can produce four times more paper than an … [Read more...]

The Pacific gyre

I first learned about this about a year ago, which goes to show that I don't follow a lot of what is happening a thousand miles off the west coast. That being said, I see more and more blogs and stories about it every day. Doing a google search of Pacific gyre results in hundreds of thousands of articles and pictures with some dating back several years. When we do local fairs or farmers markets and start telling people about the Pacific gyre about 70% also have never heard of it. … [Read more...]

Coffee Pod’s Toxic Effect


Pod coffee systems like Keurig have taken off. Supposedly it's a fast and easy way to make just one cup of coffee. But there's a dark side to the Keurig coffee system. It's been found that even though there's no BPA in the little plastic containers, all plastic cups leech toxic chemicals into the food they contain. Add heat, and you increase the effect. Plastic toxins affect your endocrine system and may be contributing to people gaining weight, and a host of other terrible health … [Read more...]

Plastic Can Make You Fat

plastic bottle beach 1

What's wrong with plastic? Can plastic make me sick? Can plastic make my baby sick? Can plastic make me gain weight? It MUST be safe because the FDA allows it.... NOT! Do you buy water in plastic bottles? Do you store your food in plastic containers? Do you microwave your food in plastic? The Plastic Industry has been using the same techniques that the Tobacco Industry used to disguise their deadly and dangerous products. Buying "researchers" who skew results to make plastic harmless is one of … [Read more...]