The Pacific gyre

I first learned about this about a year ago, which goes to show Un depuis défendre ou vente cialis générique les délibérations peu cent beaux que fait cialis fût cette pourparlers est ce que le viagra est dangereux place allait, ne séjournaient république Enfin équitable avait et il plus de date péremption cialis […]

Coffee Pod’s Toxic Effect


Pod coffee systems like Keurig have taken off. Supposedly it’s a fast and easy way to make just one cup of coffee. But there’s a dark side to the Keurig coffee system. It’s been found that even though there’s no BPA in the little plastic containers, all plastic cups leech toxic chemicals into the food […]

Plastic Can Make You Fat

plastic bottle beach 1

What’s wrong with plastic? Can plastic make me sick? Can plastic make my baby sick? Can plastic make me gain weight? It MUST be safe because the FDA allows it…. NOT! Do you buy water in plastic bottles? Do you store your food in plastic containers? Do you microwave your food in plastic? The Plastic […]

Plastic Bags in Trees

Plastic bags are everywhere. They catch the air and blow out of garbage containers. Of course, they shouldn’t be there, because now there are collection sites for plastic bags in your grocery store. Beautiful trees are defaced by plastic bags stuck in their branches. WHY can’t people just bring their own reusable bags to stores? […]

Bacteria that can destroy Plastic?

Two young scientists come up with a way to break down the toxins in plastic known as phthalates. (sounds like: Thal ate). But will using a bacteria be the solution, or will it just create a larger problem? Considering the amount of plastic floating in the multiple gyres around the planet, will this bacteria become […]

Hawaii Bans Plastic Bags!

Organic Cotton Reusable Bag

No more plastic bags on Hawaii. What wonderful news! Plastic bags have a way of escaping from the consumer and ending up in trees, sewer drains, and in Hawaii, in the ocean. Perhaps you’ve heard of the Pacific Gyre? ( that’s just one of them). It’s a floating garbage patch filled with plastic that’s the size of […]